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Easy. Organized. Secure.

Unique technology handles data safety via secure storage.

Securely share your valuable data or even collaborate with third party recipients such as websites, mobile applications and your team members.
Data is kept safe and securely stored with automatic backups to avoid unpredictable information loss. Access your data anytime you need it.
Control and monitor the work process, minimize any gaps or miscommunication during the book development stages.

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This feature allows you to control your teams KPI's, overall effort progress, resources used during each step of the books periodicals creation process.

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Our unique service works directly with Publishing House Resource MS accessing the lists of books, periodicals and or other materials from a single directory source.


Is a smooth and transparent processes where you can effectively communicate, exchange, share, transfer data, collaborate internally as well as externally.


Collect all related data of a specific publication in a single entity where you can see what book cover is there, circulation, annotations, source file of book cover, layout of book content, images, fonts, source text, etc.


Generate a unique QR code, place it on the book cover and on the packaging. QR code works as a link to the end user to see info about the book on the publishing house website. And secondly - authorized staff can see how many books are stored and available in any physical location such as a warehouse or a bookstore. No special equipment required, simply add our mobile app to your smart phone.


Our automatized process of electronic publications via the mobile devices and E-readers allows smooth integration with marketplaces to sell your publications on Amazon, Google Play, Apple iBooks Store and other marketplaces.

About company
The PH RMS company was established while working on an existing real publishing house project. The publishing house was constantly searching to improve their current system to allow them more control of the overall working processes to avoid frequent human errors, monitor employees work, document circulation, keeping all source files and materials at a single place.
After reviewing all possible alternative options the publisher could not find a single solution to address all the challenges. Therefore our team of designers and developers created an entirely new system capable of successfully solving such important tasks for a particular publishing house. RMS is a successful and in demand solution sought by other publishers in the market.

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